midlife crisis

It seems crazy for me to be thinking about having a midlife crisis, since I don’t feel middle aged in the slightest. But if I think about it, getting to 70 would be pretty good going, and if I did I’d be slap bang in the middle of my life right now.

I feel like I’ve got to a point where everything is just trotting along on the regular, no milestones achieved or targets reached. But after a deep & meaningful chat with the sis, I think this might be because I haven’t set myself any targets or milestones for a while.

It’s a bit too easy for me to let life slip on without making any conscious choices to affect it. So I’m making the effort to think about what I might want to do, and to work towards achieving that. It might be running faster, going to more gigs, fitting into that red dress…what the goal is doesn’t matter so much as the act of choosing the goal, aiming toward it, and hopefully achieving it.

So here goes….

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