change is going to come

Just before I left my old job, the building in which I worked was undergoing some renovations. Part of that meant that the security desk was moved to the back entrance, and a temporary hoarding was erected to block off the car park. Every day I walked into the building beside this quote.


At the time, I didn’t pay much attention. But, without realising it at the time, the words had wiggled their way into my memory, and recently they’ve floated back up to the surface.

This has been a year of big change for me so far, both by my choice and through other circumstances. And given how stuck I felt last year, I think it’s a good thing over all. However, change is never easy for me, so it’s been good to remember that change is better when I embrace it, and don’t fight against it.

Although that might be hard to hold on to when I’m in the middle of moving house…

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