life list

  • drive a convertible with the top down
  • go snorkelling
  • learn to ski
  • road-trip from vancouver to san diego, with a side trip to see las vegas and the grand canyon
  • own at least one custom-made item of clothing
  • go to a baseball game
  • run a half marathon
  • grow roses that smell the way roses should
  • go on holiday to france with both my sisters and their families
  • travel round (some of) europe by train
  • make creme brulee from scratch (and then eat it)
  • refinish/renovate a piece of furniture
  • go up in a hot air balloon
  • have afternoon tea at the merchant
  • learn how to make amazing cocktails
  • visit all six continents (seven if you count north and south america as two)
  • live in (or stay in) a converted church
  • stay in a resort or hotel with a swim-up bar
  • reach my happy weight (and stay there)

2 Responses to life list

  1. faye says:

    ok so your life list is realistic lol unlike some of mine we can easily do afternoon tea at the merchant…how about the sat before esther and I start community and thats another one off this list and also once you get your drinks cabinet done thats another thing off the list!!!!

    • well it’s semi-realistic i guess (though it’s still a work in progress and i reserve the right to change, delete or add to it at any time!)…i am liking the merchant plan, def. up for that!

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