every kingdom

i’ve just spent the past two hours listening to ben howard playlists on youtube, and i have discovered a couple of things:
(1) i really like ben howard’s music
(2) amazon’s “buy now” option is really just too damn straightforward to use
(3) a frighteningly large amount of people upload videos to youtube of them playing guitar in their bedrooms (why?)

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ready to run?

i have been such a slacker of late – i actually can’t even really remember the last time i put my trainers on and hit the streets.  i’ve come to the conclusion that i’m a fundamentally lazy person, but that’s not really any excuse sadly.

if i could manage to start running when i was 4 stone overweight, i can definitely manage it now.  so in an effort to stop myself from becoming a couch potato, i’ve downloaded an app for the couch-2-5k programme.  i think it’ll be helpful from the point of view of the running intervals, rather than having to wear a watch while i run (which i hate).

also, now that i’ve put it out there on the internet, hopefully it’ll keep me honest and, if nothing else, shame me into making a start!  this is the week when the trainers go on…

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something blue

i think francie may be feeling a little neglected of late, since she only gets driven maybe three times a week…i still love her, though.

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childhood memory

although i seem to have fallen off the blogging wagon quite considerably of late, the completist in me won’t let me rest until i finish the october photo challenge i started all those months ago.

so then, here is a representation of a childhood memory…i always find music is a big trigger for me.  i hear a song, and it takes me back to a time in my life, for better or worse.

when i listen to this whole album now, i am in the living room of my childhood home, with van the man on the record player, smelling polish while my mum cleaned…

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someone you love

more than ten years later, i still have my twenty-first birthday present on display. my sisters were awesome then, and still are now.

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a bad habit

this is my suitcase from a weekend away which i am embarrassed to admit that i returned from two weeks ago. i am terrible for leaving my bags half unpacked for ages (sometimes until i need to use the suitcase again)…must do better in future.

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just part of the greengrocer’s shop that normally hangs out on my desk during the week.

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